Industrial Ceramics

At Comercial Cobra, we distribute industrial ceramic parts from leading production companies across the world. We have selected the best manufacturers in order to offer products of the highest quality on the market.

Sonya Ceramics (India)

Manufacturers of technical ceramic items since 1960. Over 60 years working in the production of parts of all types, with a wide range of materials. Their ceramics are made from porcelain, steatite, cordierite and mullite.

Over the course of the last five decades, they have offered considerable contributions and made progress in the ceramics industry, earning an exclusive reputation as a result of the excellent quality of their finishes, the good service they offer, and their reliability.
They were the first in the industry to obtain ISO certification, in the year 2000, and have also obtained several awards for performance, development and innovation in the field of technical ceramics.

The company is located in India, allowing them to produce parts at very competitive prices and ensuring supplies across Europe through Comercial Cobra. They offer an engineering service combined with a unique manufacturing capacity, thereby providing made-to-measure products at reasonable prices.

Sonya Ceramics’ advanced machinery is capable of producing millions of small parts per day, pressed parts up to 100 mm in diameter and extruded parts of up to 75 mm in diameter.

CM Enterprise Usa (China)

Launched in the year 1949, this factory has 70 years of experience in the sector of industrial ceramics. They began by producing porcelain electrical insulation for high-voltage lines. With their headquarters in Los Angeles (USA) and a production plant in China, they rely on more than half a century of experience designing and producing complex ceramic parts for all types of products.

Their main materials are alumina, steatite and zirconia.

They have spent several decades earning practical knowledge and experience in the field, producing thousands of detailed technical drawings in order to comply with the industry’s international standards and challenges. Time and time again, they have demonstrated that they are capable of producing a large volume of quality parts, on time and with extremely competitive prices. All this makes them a great option when it comes to launching new projects.

They rely on manufacturing engineers who understand the daily functioning of the team and the technical aspects of producing a given part – meeting and greatly exceeding customer specifications. Its business activity continues to offer yet more innovations in its wide product portfolio, with advanced designs and rapid, efficient customer service.